The Bread of Adversity

People live in adversity, but they will not eat the adversity. The adversity is not bread for them to eat. It incapacitates them and it does not create a capacity. If the Lord had His way, the adversity would create a greater capacity to eat His life. But if the devil has his way, he would use the adversity to incapacitate you so you could not eat Christ’s life.

In God’s lifestyle for the believer, you get spiritual indigestion if you do not eat. Eating Christ gives the Body order and a sufficient and satisfying supply. But without eating, you reap the results of your own rational system as it is stimulated by the devil. We may drink the bitter water of a situation; but because of the Cross operating in our lives, the water is sweet. We eat some difficulties, but it turns out in its expression to be patience in us.

People may have all the spiritual trappings to present themselves, but unless they eat Christ they will faint in the battle. People at times will eat anything other than Christ because of what they think they need. But the insufficiencies derived from a poor diet will show up, and a tabernacle without an ark will produce no result. Everything may be in order and everything you could think of is practiced, but without the Ark there is no blessing.

Just as Saul went to Gibeah to worship while the Ark was not there; no matter the sincerity or good intention, God would not bless because the Ark was missing. A person without the Ark never has faith to eat the adversity.

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