The Cup of Blessing

The Bible speaks of our capacity for communion as sons of God. Our capacity-the measure of our ability to receive and to give-comes through the blessing of the Blood in our relationships. Jesus Christ has established the means of fellowship. Our cup of blessing speaks of our capacity to relate to one another in our sonship, discerning the Body through His blood.

We are to bless the cup, which represents the blood He shed on Calvary. In the Old Testament tabernacle, the blood of the sacrificial animals was sprinkled on everything, but the effects were only temporary. The blood of Christ washes away sin forever; it purges the conscience.

According to Romans 5:9, the blood takes care of our justification as we appropriate it by faith (Colossians 1:20-23). It reveals freedom and purity as it washes over our hearts, minds, ears, and tongues. It takes over our frame of reference. Because of His blood, we can enjoy the blessing of having communion with each other.

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