The Design of Deliverance

Here is the way a person can be delivered. When the Word of God is preached, it enters the mind, then the Holy Spirit transfers it into the heart, by way of the human spirit. It is God’s perfect, categorical design for illuminating a man’s soul. When a person confesses his sin, he is instantly forgiven because Jesus bore that sin upon His body at Calvary.

This is the glorious Gospel! The Word becomes quick and powerful in his life. One moment he is aware of some truth; the next moment he is mixing it with his faith in Jesus Christ. When this happens, Truth goes into his human spirit, enters the heart, and begins motivating and energizing him to live by every word of God.

What has happened? The heart has become the center of God’s viewpoint. This is where He is present in the process of the operation of grace. It has become a place where the believer can begin to initiate faith, respond in mercy, and apply God’s nature in the reality of the details of life.

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