The Design of God’s Choice

Never evaluate those whom God has chosen. If you reject whom God sends, you are rejecting Christ Himself (Luke 10:16). Those men are there for you in Christ’s stead (Exodus 4:16; 2 Corinthians 5:20a). What would actually happen in your service with God if you recognized that those men were chosen to be in the place of God, sent by God? You would have the experience of all they spoke as God executes His authority through their vessel.

God will choose the ones whose hearts He alone knows. Moses asked God to choose Aaron instead of himself. But God knew that Aaron was a compromiser who had no courage to execute his convictions. Moses said he was slow of speech and he angered God. God makes a person in the sovereignty of His own design. Do not reject the variety that God has ordained. God is never intimidated by someone who does not have fluency.

Aaron was the better speaker, yet God chose Moses. God knew Aaron would sell out on God the first chance he had. Aaron was a follower, for when Moses went on the mountain, Aaron submitted to the people as they made an idol. Aaron did not have the power to lead, but grace called and used both Moses and Aaron.

Every time a testimony is given on the life of Christ, a person’s heart will either become meeker in love or harder in rebellion. Grow with God as His life is expressed. See yourself in the message and do not separate yourself from its penetration of life.

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