The Exceeding Greatness of Grace

Abeliever becomes so secure when the Word of God is allowed to dwell in his soul. The Holy Spirit flows in the richness of grace. Psalms and hymns are alive in the heart. The richness of the Lord’s personal presence is manifested in the revelation of His nature. This person has entered into a faith that rests in God’s promises, in His love, and in fellowshipping with Christ.

People, circumstances, adversities, and negativity no longer affect this person. All the things that come against his emotions cannot wound or injure the selfimage he is deriving from Christ. No longer is he occupied with his own failures. He recognizes that failure is only temporary, because he can never fall below his posi tion, which is in Christ.

We are hid with Christ in God. Therefore, our failures can never nullify our acceptance in the Beloved.

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