The Exchange of Personal Life

Thousands of people are living in an impersonal world. They live in shadows and theories. They may go to church, but their standards keep them from being personal with God. They know God as a standard bearer or commander with rules and disciplines to be kept. They hear of all they are to live in, and yet they never have the life of a Person to fulfill the request.

Christ is the end of the law, so there is no longer any law for us to keep. We are kept in love by our response in faith. It is Christ Who loves the Church (Ephesians 5:25). It is He Who first loved us.

Standards and rules do not promote personal love between members of a church. Instead of an unconditional love, they project their own standards toward one another. They cannot be personal with one another because there is no humility of trust. They cannot get to know each other in heart, or exchange their own person in the reality of light. They are forced to be impersonal towards God, and this leaves them without the Person of Christ to share with others. They are shocked into a superficial environment that does not touch the substance of humble reality.

Jesus was a personal well of everlasting life to the woman at the well. Jesus touched blind Bartimeus with a personal love that took him out of a blind impersonal world. God’s plan is to take people out of impersonal quantities and to put them in the personal quality of His mind.

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