The Gift of Righteousness

Jesus Christ has given us His righteousness apart from the law-it doesn’t depend on our own works. The moment we first believed on Christ as Savior through His death, burial, and resurrection, He imputed to us “the righteousness which is of faith” (Romans 10:6) as a gift of grace. Now, we receive imparted righteousness through the Word of God because we believe that He is not only our Savior but also our Healer and our provision for life.

The Holy Spirit wants to take us beyond the veil of our flesh and the awareness of our circumstances. The Lord is saying, “I am already in you, but I want you to have so much more!” He wants to carry us beyond subjective reflections of the past into His mighty presence. Together, we are learning to have the right perspective through objective thinking.

God desires that we would have fellowship in perfect oneness, so that heaven can fill our souls. Thank God! We can be inspired by His presence, knowing that He is for us.

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