The Government of God Releases Life

The Holy Spirit has a government. In that government, all of God is revealed and released. Everything God is and wants and all He can do comes only through the government of the Spirit. The government is on Christ’s shoulders (Isaiah 9.4), but God the Holy Spirit executes the power and authority of the government in this time of grace (Acts 5:3). He has been chosen to baptize with fire, interpret the Word, give gifts, and get our souls through to God in prayer.

The key to releasing the Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is in charge of revealing Who the Son is, what the Son is doing, and what He wants to do through us. Obviously, Satan, through his spirits, wants to obstruct you from entering into the government of the Spirit. You can enter into anything, even the gifts, but unless the Spirit controls your heart in sovereign grace, unless He can reign to release, relay, convict, communicate and direct, you will never have anything but a form of godliness. A person may love God in his emotions, but unless the government of the Spirit comes, there will be no application of the Finished Work in his life.

No Christian can afford to be outside the government of the Spirit. You must be baptized in the Body and let God teach you. You must be in the government of Christ and the Body to be in the government of the Spirit.

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