The Great Pearl

It is very interesting how a pearl is formed. It starts as a grain of sand in a foreign place – the oyster. The oyster takes this piece of irritating sand and transforms it into a pearl. Thinking of this, we go to the parable of the pearl of grace price in Matthew 13:45-46. The pearl here is the Church. We are strangers here on this earth (2), but God is transforming us into the image of His Son (3). We, as His Church, have been purchased with the blood of Christ. There is great pain involved in producing the pearl, as Christ went through great pain to produce the Church.

We are guaranteed that one day we will be like Him (4). We must preach the Word of God and not allow anything to distract us. We must stay devoted to prayer (5) and our purpose to seek and to save that which is lost (6). We need to prepare ourselves for the trials we will face, realizing that we are being changed into His likeness. Just as the pearl is brought forth in its splendor, so we, the Church, will come forth and glory will be revealed in us (7).

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