The Greater the Trial, The Greater the Gift

Reverse your situation through reconciliation. When we have necessity, we take pleasure. God’s grace is sufficient; we are living with God in a “Yea, and Amen” life where there is not a double option of the results of the promises. Not “yea and nay,” but in Him, “Yea, in positive fulfilled faith.” We are hid in the substance of the promise, yea, and receive in Him the positive fulfillment which causes us to make an affirmative “Amen” without further choice. We have a life with no afterthoughts. We look as far as the promises and see only the perspective of faith. We never have to live without strength. The more we go through, the more we receive. The greater the trial, the greater the gift. The more we fall, the greater we forgive. The harder we go down, the higher we go up. The wrath of men praises Him as the situation is reversed through one heart being reconciled to faith.

Most people have the idea that it is good to be strong. But the weakest people are the strongest when grace becomes the attitude of their life, the expression of the heart, and the only cause they walk in. Weakness humiliates us to the point where only God can help us. We are so devastated that only mercy accepts our case. Many times when placed in adversity and weakness, we reject ourselves through evaluating the summation of our weakness; but it is not through rejecting weakness that we find strength. Strength is in accepting the grace of Christ.

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