The Healing Effect

There is a long story behind every act of sin. Every effect has a cause. When we ask God what is causing the effect we are living in, the Word of God reveals it. For every effect, Calvary and Resurrection life will produce a healing.

Healing is right where you are. It is in your soul. Reach out. You receive your healing by grace through faith-not a partial healing, not stimulation, but a miracle of love to build yourself up. Simply receive, then build yourself up in the love of God and abide in the faith-rest of Christ.

Remember, there are two kingdoms operating in the world, and only God’s kingdom will allow you to prosper even as your soul prospers in the Word (3 John 2). Just run to Him! And if you feel the weight of oppression coming back, run to Him with all your might!

Don’t take time off. Don’t waste days forgetting the love of God. Don’t have times when you stop building yourself up in the faith of God, but always keep yourself in the love of God.

Every moment, keep looking for God’s mercy.

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