The Heart of the Giver

Jesus Christ is not just waiting to be gracious to us. He also wants us to learn how to receive His gifts. Healing, cleansing, the friends that God gives us- all of these are gifts.

We have God's righteousness. His eyes are upon those who have the righteousness of the Son. He is looking out for them, and His ears are open to their cry. So, instead of being preoccupied with your own thoughts, be preoccupied with the amazing gifts of God. Everything is a gift, and there are gifts He is just waiting to bestow upon us.

The Word of God says that God delivers us out of all of our troubles-all of them. And if He doesn't deliver us immediately, He will give us grace to glorify Him in the angelic contest and bring us through so we can identify with others and be promoted in the Kingdom. But, He will deliver!

Take these promises. Embrace them. Kiss them. Love them. Know that your heavenly Father will give you the best robe. Your heavenly Father will give you the ring to show that you have the authority of a son. He will give you the shoes that you may walk in the Spirit. He will give you the fatted calf that you may eat the Lamb of God.

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