The Heart that Spoke

A Lamb went to the Cross, prayed in the garden, met Judas, was kissed by the betrayer, and was presented to Pilate. The body of a Lamb’s heart was nailed to the Cross. Had He not already died for us, He could not have been there. His physical body was given for physical people who dwell in a material world. His love could not have been constrained for us had He not already taken our sins in eternity past. Nothing could stop the Lamb’s heart from saying, “Father, forgive them.” He had a heart that had taken our transgressions and was left only to reveal an eternal love. As the Lamb, He had removed the barricade that would separate us from the plan of love.

As the slain Lamb went through death, He rose as a King. All the powers of Hell trembled in their kingdom. They saw the empty tomb. They were now dealing with a Lamb slain. Satan could challenge God until the literal death took place, but now the love of the slain Lamb was manifest. The Holy Spirit could now be sent to prove that our sins were washed away. No longer does man have to be yielded to the projection of guilt from the atmosphere because Christ is our justification (Romans 3:28, 5:18). Satan wants them to fear death, but Christ conquered death and brings us into life. The devil no longer can have a plan because we have discovered the heart of an eternal Lamb.

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