The Highest Calling

The Scriptures define the Word of God as a fire, a hammer (1) and a rock (1). Its fire warms the heart of man and provides him with light. It acts as a hammer as it shatters our flesh and brings in an experiential cross. It is a rock in the sense that the sword is a solid foundation; it will never be swept away by storms.

Jesus Christ claimed, when tempted by Satan, that man must not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God (2). The same Word of God – when we fail – gives us a provision for instant recovery so that we are restored the moment we acknowledge our failure (3).

As you go forward in all the practical opportunities of your call, you will go forward with Jesus Christ as your Head, the Word as your source and the Holy Spirit as your power. The Body of Christ will be your fellowship, and the world will become your mission field. Everyone of us has been given a high calling and an eternal purpose (4). Our vision is to reach the lot in all nations. It is born out of a deep commitment to study God’s Word – the highest form of education.

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