The Identity Crisis

Sooner or later, every one of us must face an identity crisis. We must admit that we have accumulated things that have made us who we are. Then, we must take care of those things by committing them once and for all to the Finished Work, where we have already been crucified with Christ.

People, even if they don't realize it, are constantly searching out their identity. For example, in Genesis 13, Lot sought his identity in materialism. He turned toward the green grass and fertile soil of Sodom because he had an attachment to money. On the other hand, Abraham, Lot's uncle, had plenty of money and possessions, but he did not let them become his identity.

When your identity is in the grace of God and is rooted in resurrection life, moods don't affect you, even when details of life and financial pressures come. You don't have to act weird and have people around you whisper, "Don't touch her today-she's had a good four weeks, but now she's back at it." Adam's identity does not have to be in control. God has made a better way.

Victory can be ours when we derive our identity from Jesus Christ. Then we can experience our heavenly position. What a glorious identity!

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