The Inner Life

Discovering Christ in the sanctuary of our hearts causes us to be reminded of the eternal realm. The privilege that we have is to come to Him – into his presence, and learn of him and have newness of life. We find that no one can love us like Christ and nothing in the world can address the cry of the heart.

The inner life is the meeting place where we bow before the Lord and receive perfect wisdom and meaning in him. Think of entering the courts of a king, splendor and majesty all around. Now imagine the King of Kings with you! Perfection magnified to the ultimate degree – this is the sanctuary in our heart in the New man. We then leave our image consciousness and we enter into God consciousness, we then see things as they truly are. It is here where as we give the Bible and the Holy Spirit authority we enter into inner stability and quietness.

An Embrace

As we surrender our rights to Christ and he becomes Lord over all His dominance takes place of our control and we are led by the spirit. Personal rest and true inner strength will be learned and experienced; peace and joy will come back into our lives. Where there is a strong inner life, a communion and embrace of God, the outward circumstances are kept in perspective and emotional scattering is kept at a minimal.

Contentment shows us that Christ has preeminence. Click To Tweet

Emotional scattering is prevalent as life pulls in so many directions and demands more. God gives wisdom in stillness and quietness to show us where to invest time and energy and to rest in what has been given already. Because of this contentment we are insulated from the heat and pressures of life that can easily knock us down. Contentment shows us that Christ has preeminence; therefore what comes out of us is reflecting Christ’s nature and not ours. Exercising our will to choose to have Christ at the center of our heart and deciding to cast all our cares upon him moment by moment keeps us living in the secret of the inner life.

Be Amazed

Amazement is a result of the inner life. The depths of God touch the depths of you and Christ will show you more and more of Himself. His glory will be more evident in everyday moments because we are looking for Him in all things. We will see Him acting and moving in the smallest and greatest of ways.

This awareness activates what we know of him and renews our mind. Worship or we could say “worth – ship” elevates the value of why we believe what we believe, worship esteems the person of Jesus. We may not always feel like worshipping but choosing to worship releases Christ in our lives.

Worship is including Christ into our moments of life. Worship can produce an eternal value system which brings us back to the nature of who God is – and we learn what He values and we grow in what is important to Him.



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