The Joy of Sharing Our Faith

I don’t know about you, but I find soulwinning to be absolutely exhilarating. Just like the song says, “…the burdens of my heart roll away…” when I share the light inside of me with someone else.

Sometimes it’s like magic. Joy just happens.

Other times I need to deliberately choose to walk in joy in spite of rejection. Either way, I’m carried along by the Spirit. You know what I mean.

You make a decision to go out evangelizing. Maybe your heart’s been broken, or you have money problems. It could be that you just seem to have too much on your plate.

You go soulwinning anyway. By the time you get back home you’re stepping lighter, and you might even have a song in your heart. The issues in your life are still there, but they fell into their proper perspective.

1 Thessalonians 2:19 says, ” What is our hope? What is our joy? … Isn’t it you?” Luke 15:7 says there’s joy in Heaven over just one sinner repenting.

I believe that if I’m thinking with God, I can tap right into Heaven’s joy.

I wrote “Gus and the Joylight” — Book One in my Joylight trilogy — because I wanted a simple, endearing way for children to see what it’s like to pass along Christ’s joy.

It makes a great read-aloud for younger children, but it also stimulates deeper thinking and questions for older ones.

Children need to learn that soulwinning isn’t a job, or a drudge, or some kind of false burden.

It’s a vital part in the journey of choosing joy.

Cheryl Bogardus

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