The Law Bears No Seed

The call of the Kinsman-Redeemer was to "tarry this night." During the darkness, our mind is to stay in the place where our eye has fallen. Jesus Christ specifically points to a place of rest. It is at His nail-scarred feet that we realize in all humility not only our inadequacy, and also His great love for us shown in the act of Calvary. There is no way to follow any standard of law to establish a solution to the situation. The Law carries with it no seed of promise. Though it reveals the holiness of God's character, it has no redeeming value. It reveals the mind of Christ's desires, yet it is weak through the flesh and cannot secure for us salvation. Jesus Christ loved the Law enough to fulfill it, but He loved us enough to end it.

We do not strive to achieve a place of security. We put an end to action and then rest during the night seasons. We do not know Him in the plan (Ruth 3:14), but we trust in the integrity of His character, knowing He has fulfilled the plan in His foreknowledge.

We tarry in the night season until the entrance of the Word gives light (Psalm 119:130) and the morning comes. We rest in faith without knowing Him and the direction of His will in light during the darkness of a trial. We rest without explanation and then rise into a marriage union with the One who understood it all.

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