The Life of Peter

The topic of natural disposition is not complete without including the life of Peter. But let us not be too harsh on him until we take a closer look at his spiritual progress! Like so many people, Peter had something to say about every situation. He was naturally impulsive, and his speech was often contradictory and presumptuous. He is most noted for his cowardice, since he denied Christ in the midst of His suffering. Matthew 26 shows the conceit and rashness of Peter’s disposition as he utterly failed to keep his promises of faithfulness to Jesus.

Man’s natural disposition is proud, arrogant, self-seeking and self-preserving. Therefore, the natural man can never bear the reproach of Christ. Yet, something beautiful and unexpected happened to the man who failed so miserably on his own and denied the Lord Jesus Christ. He had a heart after God, and he wept bitterly after realizing how incapable and insufficient he was to follow the Lord. Upon receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter was endued with boldness to preach the Gospel to the Jews. He healed the sick, raised the dead and revealed the presence of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. What happened to the profane, boisterous fisherman? He was so transformed by the indwelling Christ that his shadow healed those who passed through it (2). May we be humble before the Lord and allow Him to control us by the indwelling power of the Spirit and the living Word of God.

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