The Lord Builds the House

The key to victory in any realm is to have an overflowing life. The Lord must build the house. Many young pastors in pioneer ministries try diligently to build churches. They are good men, but they labor in vain because they are trying to implement programs in a natural temperament.

To build a house with the Lord’s headship, leadership, and guidance, the spiritual process must be placed ahead of programs.

The psalmist said, in Psalm 23, that his “cup”-his capacity for living-was running over! That is how a church is built. It is not by legislating righteousness or making demands on people. It is by having a cup that is running over.

Picture a fountain springing up inside and a river flowing out. This is what it means to have the Lord build the house. It takes more than information; it takes an inspired life. It’s not just programs but a spiritual process. It is a ministry that acts in grace, loves through mercy, forgives through the Cross, and ministers life in the power of the Spirit.

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