The Manifestation of God’s Presence

God is interested in manifesting His presence. It’s not enough to have a grasp of knowledge, a catalog of theology in the mind. Seminary professors have all that. I would dare to say, however, that very few of them experience the manifestation of His presence.

The soil of our hearts must be broken up. Once this is done, the Bible becomes rich. Every verse and every line becomes so precious to us, leaping out as the Spirit brings it to life. Everything is recognized as sacred, and the dynamics of God’s Word are realized in our midst. This is revival, fired and fueled by the Word of God. As a result, fields of faith are built up.

The manifestation of His presence becomes so strong that distractions are minimized. Capacities are enlarged as believers grow from one degree of faith to another. With hearts fixed upon Christ, nothing can hinder the move of God. Obedience flows freely and becomes the master of the revival; the key is obedience, not feelings, and not emotional outbursts.

It’s so simple. Jesus sends the Word to heal. As we believe it, our faith goes into action.

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