The Measurement of Faith

Truth does not depend upon my moments of weakness to evaluate its reality. Truth depends upon Jesus Christ. There is something extremely unique in the life of a Christian walking by faith. He does not deny his life the privilege that faith offers it. Faith offers love the opportunity to find Jesus Christ. He can depend upon these Words of truth. His state of weakness is now measured in terms of faith rather than his evaluation of the Word’s reality.

Why should we challenge the truth with self-knowledge? Self-knowledge toward ourselves with a knowledge of the truth is far different from an experience of the truth to give us a knowledge of love toward God. When we feel the empty vacuum of selfknowledge and all of the consequences of having a form of godliness without the power, it is not time to withdraw and challenge the love of the truth. It is time to draw near because of truth. Why challenge truth with that which is temporal when we can just as easily submit to truth and call situations victorious, recognize the devil as a liar; and declare ourselves eternally free? Instead of trying to understand faith, we live in faith with God’s understanding.

All of Jesus Christ’s security was taken away, that He might reveal light by submitting to truth. He removed His right to live as God so that His dependency would be God. At His moment of trial, He would not challenge truth, but would say, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

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