The Narrow Way: Grace

The narrow way is the way of grace. God calls it the "narrow" way because it cannot be walked except by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can be added to this way.

The way of God is grace and all grace. Anything we might attempt in our own strength is unacceptable. Our prayer is that as we grow in understanding God's character of grace, we will be drawn nearer to Him who draws us with cords of love. We do not mean for grace to be a license to sin, but a provision to grow out of weakness into the strength of God's presence.

Billions of years ago in heaven, God longed to reveal His character and His nature-what He is like. So the Trinity, in the persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, held a meeting ("the determinate counsel," Acts 2:23). There, God the Father presented a plan for the ages that the Son would execute in time on earth.

In this plan, Jesus voluntarily died on the Cross. He shed His blood and bore all of our sins in His body so that we might believe on Him and have eternal life. With this revelation and inspiration by the Holy Spirit to the hearts of men, the whole plan of eternity was designed to show us the very narrow way called grace.

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