The Network of Prayer

Each one of us has very specific needs, certain areas where we want God to move. We need to realize, however, that because of His great love for us and because He is omniscient, each member of the Trinity is already at work on our behalf.

The Father loved us enough to make a plan to save us, to do it all. Then He loved us enough to move inside of us, guaranteeing our perfection through His plan, in His purpose, with His provision to work it out.

The Son, who died for us, ever lives to make intercession for us, saving us to the uttermost from the corruption, contamination, and infections of this world.

In harmony and in concert with the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit convicts and witnesses to the truth with our spirit. The Spirit prays with unspeakable groanings for needs we are not even aware of.

Our prayers have the attention of the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one, and God is always one with us when we come before the throne of grace.

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