The Oil of Blessing

In Psalm 133, the word “descend” is used three times in order to emphasize the vital point. This particular passage refers to Mount Hermon. The dew descended upon both the low and high places. No matter how deep the valley, the oil will descend there to permeate the land with the life of God.

Notice that people who live in the valley receive the dew. Every believer, at one time or another, falls into the valley of weakness or despair, but if he calls upon the Lord, he will receive the precious “dew of Hermon.” Symbolically, the dew represents the believer’s help from above in times of distress.

The oil of blessing descends upon the precious Body of Christ. A church that honors this principle will have God’s prosperity and manifold grace in the midst of trials, and will experience abundant life. There are eternal benefits when believers dwell together in unity. Therefore, forbear one another in love and keep the unity of the Spirit.

Receive the oil of God’s special empowerment for His specific tasks. Let the oil descend into the valley of your life. The oil will cover you when you are abiding in your particular calling. His blessing is upon any ministry that exalts the principle of unity because He has called us to one Body, to one united purpose: to glorify the Son “forevermore.”

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