The Order of Life

Order is the key to the Father’s administration of life. Anything that violates order is not in the Father’s plan. Order is not structure. Structure is a false concept of order which actually violates the basic precepts of order. Order is found not in organization, but in life. That which comes under the authorship of God’s life is in order, and that which rebels against life is anarchistic and chaotic even if organized.

God’s order is the progressive out-flowing of life descending from the Throne. The Throne is above, and life descends from that Throne. The oil ran down from Aaron’s head to the skirts of his garment, as dew descends upon Mount Hermon. Structure tries to organize life which is below in an effort to be like that life which is above. Authority is best defined as authorship. As an author fills his book with his thoughts, so God has the authority to fill our lives with Himself.

There is no life outside of order and no fullness outside of the authority of Christ’s headship. Order is achieved by allowing God to be the author who fills the blank pages of our biographies with His descending life.

In the order of life is the authority of life. The first Adam remained a mere living soul because he violated order. The Second Adam has authority to give spiritual life because order was the very object of His submission.

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