The Path Marked for Us

People like to have a leader, someone’s footsteps that they can follow. Teenagers generally have someone to look up to. Businessmen are sure to have the latest gadgets and inventions that their co-workers have. Everyone is looking for someone to follow. Jesus Christ was sent to be our servant and redeemer – Someone for us to follow. “For even to this were you called – it is inseparable from your vocation. For Christ also suffered for you, leaving you (His personal) example, so that you should follow in His footsteps” (I Peter 2:21, Amplified).

Jesus Christ is our model of a faithful servant, and He is the only One whose footsteps we are to follow. Yes, we are to follow the one who washed the disciples’ feet (2), ministered to the outcasts, and laid down His life for the guilty (3). He is our leader, and our very identity is to be in Him.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and follow on the path He has marked for us with His precious, incorruptible blood (4).

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