The Perfect Plan and Purpose of the Perfect Person

(This theme came as a result of  hearing a class taught by Pastor Schaller on November 16,2020.)

” … in [LOVE] all things consist.”  

Behind all Divine engineering of every minute detail of the formation and maintenance of Earth and of the entire universe is .... LOVE. Click To Tweet

Recently I pondered long on the creation of the universe and on the sustaining of it, each component in its designated space, never leaving its place or altering its assigned trajectory. Who did this? God, of course. And “What” is God? Love (I John 4:8,16)  Now imagine for a moment:  the earth on its axis, upheld by gravity?  Yes, but really by God … Who is Love!  Behind that piece of Divine engineering and all others, every minute detail of the formation and maintenance of Earth and of the entire universe is …. LOVE. Unconditional, unchanging, boundless, Eternal LOVE.  And in this LOVE all things consist (Col.1:17);  and it is this LOVE that upholds all things by the Word of its power (Heb.1:3), that Word being the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Rev.19:13).

The One True God is relational.

The Trinity created (Gen.1:26) man to enjoy relationship, fellowship, and companionship with Them. Click To Tweet

Before God created man, He was relational.  Remember that the Godhead consists of three Persons of One Essence:  the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.  They have never not loved one another, there has never been a moment of division amongst them, they have always agreed as to everything concerning their predetermined plan and purpose for man and for the universe.  They (Gen.1:26) created man to enjoy relationship with Them, fellowship, companionship;  and it is this relationship with God that distinguishes Christians from those who do not believe in Him: “What we have seen and … heard, we are also telling you, so that you too may … enjoy fellowship as partners … with us.  And [this] fellowship that we have … is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ … .”  (I John 1:3)  It is believed that the Lord God met with Adam and Eve every “day” for “doctrine class”, sharing with them His thoughts towards them and wanting them to enjoy and benefit from every bit and detail of His creation, which He had designed and engineered so that He could be known by all men in and through it (Psalm 19:1-6) – which is why men will be without excuse for not knowing God personally (Rom.1:18-21).

A Lamb slain from before the foundations of the world to restore man’s relationship with LOVE …

When Adam and Eve fell, the Trinity already had a Plan of redemption in place, ready to put in action – a Plan that had been decided upon in Eternity Past, before the foundations of the world (Acts 2:23;  Isa.46:10;  Rev.13:8).  God – LOVE – was determined to make it possible to have and to enjoy a relationship with Him through his own choice, his free volition.  This determination of God involved a PERSON, a PLAN, and a PURPOSE.

God could not carry out His Plan of redemption and His Eternal Purpose without providing a PERSON Who was totally God, yet totally man … One Who would be the perfect Substitute, the LAMB that would bear the sins of the whole world – from the beginning to the end of time, in His own perfect Body … One Who would die and shed His own Blood to atone for our sins,  that we might  be reconciled to God.

The Perfect Plan set in motion …

Therefore, the Trinity’s Plan was to send the Second Person of the Godhead to redeem all of mankind and reconcile all of them to God, to LOVE … redemption that could come only through the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of the God-Man, Jesus Christ.  This Person, this Lamb,  would completely finish the work of fulfilling the whole law, so that salvation and reconciliation to God would come only by Grace through Faith in this Lamb of God and in the work He would do on the Cross (Eph.2:8,9).  He even accomplished in us and for us all of our works at the same time! (Isa.26:12;  Eph.2:10)

The Perfect, Eternal Purpose fulfilled ….

Amazing LOVE has therefore done all that is needed for mankind – indeed all of creation – to be reconciled to God and to give Him – and us –  the pleasure of our fellowship and companionship with Him.  The sin issue dealt with once and for all, and thoroughly, we are now able to enjoy fellowship with the Trinity in Whose image we were created and with each other – for all of Eternity as well as right now!  And now, while in this world, we can do nothing to alter or hinder His purpose for our being here, for our lives on earth:  “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but the Lord’s purpose for him alone will stand.” (Prov.19:21)  Now let’s look for a moment what our part is in this Eternal Purpose…

” … that now the manifold Wisdom of God might be made known through the Church … “

Ephesians 3:9- 12 is an amazing passage that actually references the Person, Plan, and Purpose of God.  In verses 10,11 we clearly see our part in “the mystery of the Plan” (v.9) for fulfilling God’s Eternal Purpose on earth:  “[The purpose is] that through the church the many-sided Wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects [seen through the many members of Christ’s Body] might now [in the Church Age] be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities, … in the heavenly sphere … in accordance with the terms of the Eternal Purpose which He has realized … in the Person of Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Amplified)  In other words, God’s Purpose was to reconcile all men to Himself, and He now asks us to co-labor with Him in this mission – the Great Commission (e.g. Matt.28:18-20;  Mark 16:15).  Imagine:  co-laboring with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit in bringing souls to them, into the Kingdom of God!  Of course, not of ourselves, but by Grace through faith:  ” … because of our faith in Him, we dare to have the boldness ( … confidence) of free access (unreserved approach to God with freedom and without fear).” (Eph.3:12)

Life is about a Person with a Perfect Plan and Purpose.

Our lives are all about getting to know Him, and to glorify Him. Click To Tweet

In summary then, life on earth is all about a Person, and that Person is God Himself, Who is Love, and Who longs for relationship and fellowship with us.  Therefore, our lives are really all about getting to know Him.  The Plan that the Trinity decided upon is (1) the new birth, giving me a brand new heart and spirit so that I can indeed know Him Who is Spirit;  (2) an unending supply of Grace that I might be little by little changed into His image.  Finally, the Purpose of this perfect Plan is to glorify God as I get to know Him, enjoy Him, reveal Him, and bring Him pleasure (Isa.43:7; Rev.4:11).  I am promised to have all I need to honor the Son, keeping His commandments by Grace through faith in Him Who already fulfilled all of them!  We simply step aside and let Him be all that He is to others – i.e., it’s not me keeping the Law, it’s Him (Gal.2:20).

The alternative to the Perfect Person, Plan, and Purpose?

Because of the gift of free volition, I can choose His Way and have my life on earth be all about Him.  Or … I can choose the alternative:   (1)  Life is all about me and my will;  (2)  My plans are formulated to satisfy myself. My means?  self-effort, the energy and works of the flesh;  (3)   My purpose:  my glory, that I would be recognized, appreciated, known, remembered reputably, and praised for who I am and for what I have accomplished.  Oh, may the Lord give us abundant Grace to always choose His Way!  and He will.  He will draw us, love us, show us His Grace and strengthen our faith, ” a faith that works by Love”.