The Pleasure of His Will

God the Father finds pleasure in the purpose of His plan to take an alien stranger and, through the redeeming Blood of His Son, make him an adopted child. Just as a father experiences joy over the birth of his first son, so too does God the Father joy in our birth into His Kingdom. He is building His Family through and with the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is drawing His Bride; the Father is building His Family; the Spirit is shaping a Body.

We have an experience with each member of the Trinity in the perfect unity of God's plan. Therefore, the trials in our lives are now explained in terms of a three-fold purpose. They are used not only to glorify God by faith, but to glorify Christ in us as His faithful Bride, as the obedient child to the Father, as a member of the Body who reveals the Godhead.

When we sin (and God forbid), we are forfeiting more than just life itself. We lose the enjoyment of a family relationship. We do not share in the communion of our Bridegroom's love. We forfeit the temporal privilege of manifesting eternal grace in the Body. Therefore the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are left without the pleasure derived from our portion. Nevertheless, though the mystery of iniquity draws us away, the mystery of love covers the multitudes of sin and works all together for the good. We receive the grace of forgiveness and work together with the Son as His Bride to reproduce eternal children to be placed in the Body to bring pleasure to the Father.

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