The Point of the Provision

Jesus did not say, “I give you bread,” or, “I ask you to seek for bread;” but He said, “I am the Bread.” If you seek for bread, you may not find Him. You may get deceived in your seeking. But instead, discover Him and you will have the Bread of Life and will not have to seek.

The fathers in the wilderness sought for bread and they died. How many people are seeking after things they think they need? And yet God never told them to seek after these things. If we are always seeking, we will in actuality miss the point of the provision. We will always be in want, never experiencing the fulfillment that is in Christ.

How many wants would people have if they followed Christ wholly in their heart, which would affect every part of their being? God might give them a need, but always He gives them fulfillment in Himself. Then the fulfillment or unfulfilled need is secondary in the situation, God looks upon the heart, and His work is done there before His interest ever is in an outward blessing.

Some people cannot handle outward blessings because there is no humility in their hearts. So the judgment of outward success or blessing is never the issue. How would we view the apostle Paul and his state of spirituality if we knew he was in prison more times than he could count? Lack of convenience and successful situations never show a lack of God.

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