The Present “Now”

It is not possible to go on in success in Christ if you are self-appointed. Moses learned this lesson. In Exodus 2, Moses attempted to deliver God’s people by the strength of his flesh. He failed. He was self-appointed, motivated by self-determined need and not by Christ.

Can Adam rise to the occasion because of a self appointment? Or, is his answer a Cross because of a living Body? If we have a Calvary, we shall be resurrected in a Corporate Body. If we are members of His Body, we shall be sent. The effectiveness of our ministry will be seen in terms of His life and not in terms of our individual appraisal of the need and our attempt to meet that need.

We must learn, as Moses did, that the need doesn’t constitute the call. The call from God constitutes the need. After Moses spent 40 years in the desert, he realized he didn’t have what was needed to set the people free. God showed him the burning bush. Moses was now being sent by fire and not by his flesh.

Moses’ strength was in the God Who lived in the present. Moses’ past or future evaluation of that which lives in time could never be the deliverance for Israel. When he knew “I AM THAT I AM,” then Christ was his source of life and his dominion over time. God lives in time in the present. The answer for Israel’s deliverance was the Spirit of God that lives in the NOW.

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