The Result of Grace

When something is committed to you, it becomes a part of you. It motivates and gives purpose. The glorious Gospel has been committed to every Christian. Many go and share the Gospel in difficult places because something was committed to them.

We have an eternal purpose, fulfilling a plan that was made millions of years ago. We didn’t earn it and we do not deserve it. He places us in the center of the world with grace for every step, every detail, and each direction. Every action and every event in God’s plan for our lives is conditioned by grace. What we do, what we think, where we go, the money that supplies what we need-it is all the result of grace.

Finally, through the operation and energy of grace, when God is done, the only things remaining will be what cannot be shaken. That is God’s eternal purpose and the provision of His plan. We receive a kingdom that cannot be moved.

We can experience divine stability because we have the Father’s plan, the Son’s execution of the plan, and the Holy Spirit’s revelation and glorification of Christ. We have been given definition from the Word of God on how to live. Therefore, we know how to walk, to think, to feel, and to confess.

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