The Riches of His Kindness

In heaven, God will show us the exceeding riches of His kindness toward us throughout all eternity- all because we met mercy on the road to hell. God does not give us what we deserve. "It is not of works but of grace," He says. "If you accept My way, I will make you My trophy and My masterpiece."

One day God will restore the earth to the paradise it once was (Revelation 21). The children of Israel will be perfected in their land. People will come from all over to visit God's trophies who live in the New Jerusalem, which will be suspended above Mount Zion (Isaiah 2:2). They will come to see the royal family, Jesus Christ's masterpieces, whom He created and saved.

Grace cannot be argued with. Satan tries to pollute the gospel message by using some abstract interpretations of verses taken out of context. But God speaks in this world system through us representing Him as ambassadors of heaven and believer-priests in the world. What we are becoming has already been given forever. By His provision, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Christ once and for all!

He does it all. Everything about our lives is Him. We believe Him, we receive Him, and we confess Him. That's it! Grace upon grace upon grace.

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