The Right Viewpoint

Our viewpoint is reflected by how we react in situations we are placed in.There are two points of view – natural, and supernatural. The scientific mentality of men denies the latter. Natural viewpoint needs sight to support it; it requires logical interpretations of miracles, healings, etc.

Those who think with God possess divine viewpoint. They have an eternal outlook on life. This kind of mind recognizes God’s thought’s as the ultimate reality. Chemistry did not create God; He created it. He defines science – not the other way around. Natural man reveals man as his own savior-figure. He is anti-supernatural and cannot accept the resurrection, nor can he experience the life that is available because of it. A supernatural viewpoint has a standard based upon the Word of God. In any situation, it sees the unseen, divine purpose at work. It realizes all things work together to the good.

Purpose to reflect divine viewpoint today to those you come in contact with. Expect a miracle in your life.

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