The Servants of God

Some people are so insecure about following a man, they follow their Adam nature and call that God. Adam gets a little knowledge and then he gets morally upright and imagines that he is in the will of God. He imagines he is producing fruit and is productive for the Kingdom. He believes he is led by God. He rationalizes situations, reacts against true spirituality, and calls it his right to live.

True leaders of God should teach this subject and make it ring loud and clear. God has granted grace to certain people so that they receive a ministry from Him. God has chosen them for Himself. As God was with Moses, so is He with these. He will never forsake them. No man shall be able to stand before them all the days of their life, and God will never fail them. These are the God-given and elected servants of God by grace. They carry with them the power to bless. How a person is related to them determines how God will treat that person. They may become old like Jacob, with dim eyes and dull ears, but they carry the power to bless. Joseph brought Jacob to bless Pharaoh because Joseph knew the order of the government.

This was God's order. God has established a particular order and elected whom He will to serve in His order. It is never our place to establish the order of God or live independently of it. It is our place to walk properly through Christ, which means through the anointing, through power, through love, and through discernment to know the hand of God upon His people.

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