The Sovereign Side

One of the most difficult things is to have old foundations destroyed and to let God establish His foundation. People have been reared up in their foundation. They have spent much time at the Tree of Knowledge. They have lived so long according to natural evaluations and logical conclusions. Then they come in contact with the sovereignty of God, which operates revealing God’s plan for every person. His plan may be different for each one, and God does not reveal reasons why He does things a certain way. Why do we, who are just the clay and have no ability to form ourselves, need to question the Potter about His perfect abilities? Sovereignty may want Peter to leave his family without saying a thing (Matthew 4:20). It may want another man not to go home to a funeral, though that is unusual (Luke 9:59-60). It may want a rich man to sell all he has so that he can receive salvation, though we are all saved by grace (Mark 10:21).

People have many difficulties with one another because they misunderstand God’s particular plan for a family, for a man, for a woman, or for a church. People live in the foundations that have been naturally rooted within them. They have not been taught the sovereign grace, unconditional love, and the faith that works by love through death to Adam and in life unto God. We discover Christ through the richness of faith when we lose sight of our own thoughts about the plan and live on the sovereign side of Heaven.

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