The Supply of Love

Somebody once said, “If you have someone who would love you under all circumstances, who would never betray you, who would come to you privately and cover your sins and never repeat them, who would weep because of what you’re going through, that is love.” This love is available to us, according to the Word of God. But how many people will do that for a lifetime? Sadly, revival has not come to many churches in America, and this is evident by a lack of godly love. The crowd that can’t get along has never experienced God’s love. They don’t know that it takes God’s love to bear a cross, to be a cross to others, and to take up a cross. Living in the devil’s territory, we need God’s supply. But God will never supply His people beyond their capacity to respond to His Word and the filling of His Spirit.

God’s supply is given according to our capacity. He has a supply for every believer, for every detail of life, according to our capacity to respond to Christ by faith.

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