The Unity of the Church and Spiritual Warfare

In order to win in warfare, there must be an understanding of unity. The Body of Christ, the church, has many members working in unison, universally and locally. What Satan wants is to find a stress fracture in that Body and put pressure on it until there is a visual schism (1 Cor 12:25).

Spiritual vs Carnal Warfare

It is never flesh and blood we war against, but Satan would love to never be named in warfare. He wants to get us to fight each other because the biggest war is in our own minds. He knows that stress fractures under pressure will soon crack. This is carnal warfare.

Spiritual warfare means being more than a conqueror. It means that sometimes you willingly choose to lose a battle so that the war can be won. Christ chose to be publicly humiliated and lose a battle to win the war. We can do the same. I may lose a fight with someone in order to win a battle for unity, and in doing so, I find myself not fighting a carnal fight but a spiritual one. I find that He has covered my head in the day of battle (Psa. 140:7), and I am an overcomer. This is spiritual warfare.

-Pastor Duane George

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