The Voice of God’s Nature

From the solar system to the nervous system- there is an order to every facet of life in the universe. That order is revealed in terms of relationships.

For example, protons, neutrons, and electrons are arranged so that if one particle moves out of place, the integrity of a structure is compromised. Not only does a shift in order change the nature of a substance, but a chain reaction can occur, which is often catastrophic. This was the basic principle used to develop the atomic bomb.

Clearly, the physical universe is dependent on right relationships. It is so important, yet quite unusual, to find people who really understand how to have right relationships. We develop tremendous needs for people when we have never been rightly related to God’s nature. Certainly, we need people, and we are to love people, but that must never be our first concern.

Our first concern is our relationship to God. We must have a right relationship with Him so that we can hear the voice of His nature-the voice of His might in creation, the voice of His written Word, the Holy Spirit’s voice in the living Word. Oh, to hear the voice of God’s nature!

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