The Winter Season

Think of how trees seem so barren in the wintertime. Nothing on the outside of the tree indicates life, and yet on the inside the tree is very alive. That is when the sap (much like blood to our bodies) is being produced. This is when it is moving and bringing a life flow to every branch and twig.

Then spring comes, and the trees turn beautiful with blossoms and leaves. All of the life on the inside is now flowing out. Do not underestimate the winter times. Life is at work in the destitute, dark, and gloomy moments.

Remember that when times seem their darkest, life is building up from the deep places. Soon, just as the trees blossom and create the beauty of spring, summer, and fall, the time of prosperity will come. When we see everything prospering around us, it is easy to think only of how great and how wonderful that is. But remember this: During the times of prosperity, all the life is flowing out. That would not be possible without the life that is developed deep within, during the dark winter seasons of life.

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