The Word and Right Decisions

There is such a value in studying the Word of God. When a believer studies diligently, he develops a great capacity for right decisions in the volition of his soul. He has accurate information from God’s mind and this produces clear definition for proper decisions. This causes the believer to identify with the Cross of Christ on a moment-by-moment basis regarding his thought life (2), his priorities (3), his relationships (4) and his possessions (5). He chooses not to frustrate grace (6).

Then his right decisions amount to sowing in the Spirit, and the harvest of right decisions becomes an experience of eternal life (7). Every sower chooses his own harvest. That is, every person is a sum total of all of his decisions. We are free to decide today to let Christ be our life (8; 9), to live by faith (10; 11), to fellowship with the Son (12) and other believers (13) and to live by every Word that proceeds out of God’s mouth (14).

God has given us a capacity, through doctrine in the soul, to be built up in order to make proper decisions. We must become decisive, deliberate, purposeful people as Daniel was in Daniel 1:8. Then, God’s Spirit will fill us and give us power on a moment-by-moment basis to implement our decisions and carry out our convictions.

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