The Word: Power and Spirit

Many believers do their best to live according to the letter of the Word of God. Their intentions are good, but they often become spiritually exhausted from the strain of living up to a standard that the flesh cannot attain. Others are tempted to operate in subjective impressions of being moved by the Spirit. These people have no objective frame of reference from the Word of God. They may experience great emotional highs but are easily disturbed when they can't "feel" God's presence.

Though we are indeed new creatures in Christ, we still have to deal with an old sin nature and a mind that needs continual renewal by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. If we only rely on our own ability to obey what we know to be true, we may never experience the tremendous miracles God wants to perform in us through His two-edged Sword.

As believers, we have to recognize the value of God's two-edged Sword. The Holy Spirit must never be separated from the Sword, and the Sword must never be separated from the Spirit. When a man knows how to use the sword-the Word of God-and how to be led by the Spirit, he has what it takes to be an effective Christian.

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