The Work Is on You

It may not seem to be gracious and yet it is true. If people do not believe, they cannot enter into rest. So many people have difficulties and will not rest until they can get their own way in a situation. They imagine that all is going against them when it is a situation that God has allowed to make them spiritual through faith in a cross. Reaction comes and they will not rest because of unbelief. They think that enemies have power over the plan instead of God ordaining the enemies to do a work on them for the plan. God knows people who are not operating correctly and He puts them together with the enemy through His sovereign power.

God brings the enemies in to reveal an unbelieving heart not vertically oriented to grace. It is not what God sends that reveals who I am. It is that I reveal who I am through what God sends.

God will bring out of me what is within me. A bad marriage, though made through the free will choice of two people, will be ordained of God and used to reveal what is within the subjects that are married. If one is filled with faith-rest, the bad marriage will just reveal what is inside.

If a person cannot believe that Christ finished the work, then he has an evil heart of unbelief. Rather than waiting on God for a renewed mind through faith, people try to bring situations to an end in the confines of their own ability, never living in the purpose of sovereignty.

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