The Worth of One Soul

One soul is worth more than all the world. Let each of us allow this truth to motivate us as the love of Christ constrains us. The greatest enemy to humility is pride. The greatest enemy to obedience is unknown pride.

We need to become broken and meek. Let's seek God's face, receive the power of love, and go forward in the joy of the Lord, doing whatever we can to keep precious souls from going to hell.

We need a fresh approach, a new kind of seriousness, a new kind of commitment. We need to allow the precious Holy Spirit to break down the walls of fear and insecurity. Most of all, we need to break down the walls of pride. We need God to break us so the Holy Spirit will unite our hearts in the local church to be His Body, the fullness of God on earth.

Thank God for the faithful ones. Thank God for the many who love God deeply. Let's pray for one another fervently as we pray for our city, for our nation, and for the lost. The problem isn't with the leadership of the government. The problem is that the Church doesn't have the proper power. God uses political leaders to humble us and to reveal that we are not taking our place as the poor wise man who delivered the city.

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