Then Did I Eat It

Many listen to the Word of God, but their problems are not alleviated because they do not eat what they hear. Sooner or later in the ordained plan of situations, God will cause us to eat what we listen to through sending causes upon our doorstep.

The Word of God produces its own life, and Adam’s knowledge breeds its own death. What we eat through our spiritual digestive tract will produce life or death where we are in time. The results of knowing how to live, but not experiencing what we know, leave us with a frustrated capacity and a dulled appetite toward the Word of God.

If we hear the Word without eating it, we are left with the responsibility of producing our own energy to live in what we heard. Sooner or later we will have hunger pains, and through situations, God will cause us to eat. It may be sweet to our mouth, but it will be bitter to our soul. We have reaped within what we ate without.

The result of eating from other trees has left us void of God’s Word but filled with waste. Yet God’s Word does not return void, and it reproduces the responsibility of its character when allowed entrance. The knob of faith opens the Door, Christ Jesus, because of what we see through the window of promise. When we eat a meal, we must have God’s meal in our pot (2 Kings 4:41) so that faith can operate to clear out human waste and to fill our bowels with the delicacies of God’s Word.

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