They Made Light of It

The Father has made a marriage for the Son because of the presentation that the Son has made to the Father. Jesus’ Blood presentation has prompted the earthly invitation to man to come to the marriage supper. The preparation of the supper is complete. In the parable, people are asked to come and eat with no requirement of work, preceding or following the banquet. This clearly reveals the invitation of the Father to sinners because of the Blood of the Son which has given us a Finished Work feast. In the parable, many did not come to the marriage. Though they refused, the Scripture gives no reference to sin being their reason for refusal. Particular sins did not keep them from coming, but, it is pointed out, particular jobs kept them from caring. In actuality they just had to come and eat a Finished Work meal, and yet their schedules kept them from coming.

At the end of life, some people will have allowed their schedules to keep them out of Heaven and send them to Hell. It may not be wicked sins, but only crowded schedules that keep some from coming to eat at the table of grace. It is possible that Hell will be filled with good people who were too busy to get to know Christ. Thousands are called to be saved, but they are too busy to come and eat enough to be saved by grace. They are not saved because they never had the food, Christ, put inside. They are without the life of Another that makes them accepted in Another, the life of Christ that has made us accepted in God.