They That Wait

An evil heart cannot wait upon God, but if you wait you will renew your strength. To wait speaks of upward strength. To be renewed speaks of inward strength. To run and not be weary speaks of onward strength. To walk and not faint speaks of progressive strength that comes through walking and having God slow you down through sovereignty.

You get inward strength, upward strength, and onward strength through progressive strength. You learn how to rest. If you do not get upward, you will not have inward. If you do not have inward, you will not have onward. People think they cannot make it and blame it on the situation when in reality they have a heart of unbelief and have departed from the Living God in the situation. They get counseled on how to improve things or make them better instead of just believing and taking the promises of God’s Word and going onward because they received a work inward. Because they went upward, they could go forward.

Every believer can have a sound mind and be able to control his thoughts and emotions in circumstances. He is the only person who through belief in the Word and in God and through living by the promises can control his heart. He can live in a finished rest and in the life of the One who did it in the totality of humility through availability to God’s capacity in life. Mix faith always with what you hear and you will spontaneously have what God gives.

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