Things which Are Behind

A Christian’s life is not built upon things which lag behind. The frailty of many is that they live off past success. The ruin of many more is living in past failure. As we begin a new year, or as we begin a new day, a new hour, a new moment, now is the time to forget those things which are behind.

A life in Christ depends solely upon who Christ is in that life at the moment being lived. Yesterday’s greatest success can become folly today, and likewise yesterday’s greatest flop can soar with wings of victory at a touch from the Master’s hand. A large, lively church yesterday won’t insure one for tomorrow.

The standard of Christ must be met anew each day.

Certainly a foundation of learning and growth is valuable, but mountains of learning don’t amount to molehills if the freshness of Christ in spontaneity is absent.

A successful life can be measured only in terms of Christ, never in terms of accomplishment. A housewife who ministers Christ to her family is a greater spiritual success than a religious leader who is lifeless and dry.

Were you successful yesterday? Thank God if you were. Be successful today by receiving fresh from Christ, today’s portion of life; yesterday’s won’t do anymore.

Were you an utter failure last year? Forget it and allow grace to be sufficient for now. If you missed supper last night, would you refuse to eat today because of it?

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