Think Now

Christians often lose their motivation for winning the lost to Christ. Let us take a moment to look at what eternity has in store for the unsaved.

Those who have died without Christ are already in hell, but they will be brought forth in the resurrection of the unjust (2). They will appear at the White Throne Judgment for their final sentences (1). The saints will be gathered there in glorified bodies. The Word of God records that Jesus is so holy that the people who will be judged cannot stand before Him. Briefly, they hear the final words that they will ever hear from the Son of God. They will see faces of redeemed loved ones for the last time.

Imagine what it would be like not to see a loved one ever again because he rejected the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for his sins. Think of people at your place of work who do not know Christ as their personal Savior. Imagine what it would be like if they looked at you for the last time before they were cast into the lake of fire. You are saved and they are on their way to a Christless eternity. Does this motivate you to win the lost while there is still time? It is no wonder that God will wipe away every tear (3). Continue to think and pray for those who are unsaved. Think now before it is too late.

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