This Is The Work

Deny yourself and take up your cross daily means only to accept the perfect law of liberty. Denying self is just accepting what God has done to your self-life. Deny yourself the right to rationalize, the right to reason, and the right to think it through in Adam. You deny yourself the right to believe what you see by sight and to feel the answers. Faith is first absent of any feeling. Though love may come and you feel the nature of love, you will never feel the nature of faith.

You may feel the nature of love, Who God is, but you'll never feel the nature of faith, what God does with Who He is toward you without the evidence of your results. A lot of people go by feeling because they do not know what faith is. Faith is believing, and the moment you believe, without evidence, you are doing the work of God without doing one thing. But even if you won 50 souls to Christ, you would still never be conscious of a thing you did because Christ is the soul-winner.

Once again it was His work, but your faith that responded to your opportunity in His provision. Do not accept anything but the perfect law of liberty. It means that I have been emancipated from everything in the religious idealistic concept of striving and doing and being through the theological notions of man's relevancy in human interpretation. Jesus doesn't reveal a theology but a love that expresses an order which becomes God's theological life.

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